We help families get stronger so their problems feel lighter. 

Smart Gym is all about breaking barriers that stand in the way of good mental health, because our children are at their best when we are at ours.

We’re not like other gyms, at all. We’re a social enterprise which means that any profit you help us make goes straight back into improving the community.

Smart Gym offers a range of innovative and affordable wellbeing services, including a family friendly gym with a creche that lets parents workout whilst their children are looked after in a fun, nurturing environment.

Formed by parents, the voice of mums and dads influences everything we do. We’ve spent the past five years producing survey-studies, visiting communities and finding out what every carer cares about. For example, we have collected, tested and implemented ideas and opinions from 1,174 parents/carers across five surveys.

Following the launch of Glasgow's first ever low-cost gym with childcare in The Wedge at Silverburn Roundabout in March 2022, Smart Gym is now home to over 600 members and a few steps closer to our mission of making exercise accessible, achievable and affordable for every parent, carer and child in the Glasgow.

The inspiration behind the business stemmed from our founder's personal struggles with postnatal depression and a lack of affordable gyms with crèche facilities in Glasgow.

Moreover, our children are watching everything we do and we know that our mental health has a serious impact on them! For example, Stanford Medicine estimates the heritability of depression is 40-50%.

We believe that by inspiring caregivers to instil positive learned behaviours in exercise-based environments, and by using physical activity as a treatment for mental health issues like depression, we can create deep-rooted, long-term social change within our community.

Smart Gym disrupts the fitness industry by welcoming children age 8+ to use our gym alongside their caregiver and ensuring children aged 0-8 are looked after in our onsite crèche whilst parents workout.

Using a collaborative approach, we also provide access to talking therapies, life coaching and mental health support groups.

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