Kidslox is an app which you install on your phone and on your child's phone, which makes it easy to set limits & schedules on screen time, turn off your child's phone at a moments notice, see where they are on a map, give screen time as a reward, and much more.

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Use Kidslox reporting features to stay in the loop about which apps your kids are using, which sites they visit, what they're searching for and what videos they're watching. If needed, take a screenshot of your child's screen remotely from your own device for peace of mind about the content they're engaging with.

Kidslox helps parents around the world to establish and enforce sensible rules around technology use for their kids. Every child is different, and you know what's best for your child, so take advantage of our wide set of features to tailor an approach the fits your families needs.

Enter the code KIDLOCALE when you register your account to get 10% off all subscriptions.

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