*** High School Transition Group Therapy ***

Attention all parents of primary school leavers. Is your child worried about the thought of starting high school? Are you worried about how they will cope with this big change in their life?

The transition from primary school to secondary school can be extremely daunting, especially for those who are already prone to anxiety or low self-esteem.

This block of group sessions aims to help your child build the confidence & resilience required to navigate this big change in their life. It will equip them with tools & strategies that will help them understand & cope with their big emotions such as anxiety. It will also allow them to meet other children their age who might be experiencing similar emotions.

Dates & location still to be confirmed, however, it will most likely be end of July-beginning of August, somewhere within Lanarkshire.

Spaces are limited & I only intend to run one block. so get in touch now to register your interest by emailing

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